When You Realize the Name is Only the Beginning

Posted by on Apr 15, 2011 in Wine Nutch Blog | Comments Off

Okay...restart. Fine Wine Imports Inc. is not our name.

We've spent the last week trying to figure out what we're really calling this next venture. It seems Fine Wine Imports is taken...go figure. Let's see: importing wines from South Africa and also trading fine and rare wines. Hmmm...how do we begin...trying to come up with that magical combination which generates the perception of competence and at the same time captures our chi...our essence. The name is our proclamation that this is classic business, but done our way. After much brainstorming and going back and forth through various word combos to include a mish-mash of first names, middle names, pet names, and some other not-to-be-mentioned names, this is it: Vincita Trading, LLC! Global trading consultants with flash, spunk, and that je ne sais quoi.

To be honest, it is just our first choice...uhhh...second choice. If it's taken, then we're Vincita Fine Wine Trading, LLC...and finally, if that's also gone, Vincita Fine Wine Imports, LLC.

So, we finalized the name today (sort of), registered the business entity today, and a proposal is due tomorrow...tomorrow? Oh my? Logo, header, watermark? What am I doing blogging? I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. Truly, this is an exciting time. It's a great feeling to combine passion with work and sharing it with friends...it's so great to have friends.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. More updates to come on this new venture, as well as what it's like running two businesses. Any thoughts or ideas are more than welcome. All the best,

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